About the Club

Opened in 1997, Smiley Fitness is a 2,200 square ft. facility that has grown to be one of Winston-Salem’s best personal training studios. Setup as a small, personal environment with a small membership base, Smiley Fitness is a place where everyone feels welcome and is given as much personalized attention as he or she desires.

The training staff’s education and experience gives them the ability to motivated any client - from those new to fitness to those training for marathons; from children to grandparents; from prenatal to clients recovering from injury.

Club Features

  • 4 Treadmills
  • 4 Elliptical Trainers
  • 2 Stairmasters
  • 2 Recumbent Bikes
  • 2 Upright Bikes
  • Air-O-Dyne
  • 15 Nautilus Circuit Stations
  • Cable System
  • Smith Rack
  • Power/Squat Rack
  • Dumbbells from 1-100 lbs.
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-Richard Smiley

Richard Smiley started Smiley- Fitness in 1992 to realize his vision of Personal Fitness Training. While training in other clubs and facilities, Richard noticed that their mass production, membership sales-driven atmosphere often inhibited truly personalized fitness. Richard recognized a niche where, given the right location, he could provide both his training expertise and a more personal environment with limited memberships available. The club opened in 1997 next to Diamondback Grill in the Buena Vista neighborhood. This 2200 square foot facility soon became one of Winston-Salem’s best personal training studios. Richard, a competitive triathlete for 25 years, including multiple Ironman finishes, believes your fitness experience needs to be fun yet purposeful. His wealth of fitness knowledge, combined with an enthusiastic and supportive personality, enables Richard to provide clients with the necessary tools to achieve their fitness goals. Richard is certified with the American Council on Exercise and MovNat, a fitness concept that teaches you how to move naturally with ease, power and grace. You become very fit through the practice and that fitness is applicable to any area of life!

+Cheryl Bey

Cheryl Bey, has been employed with Smiley Fitness for more than 15 years. Certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in personal training, with a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology, she provides quality, individualized training for Smiley Fitness clients. Additionally, Cheryl is a Registered Dietician. Her long history of athletic participation in track events, as well as field hockey and cross country skiing, complement her nutritional knowledge. Cheryl leads the Smiley Fitness team in nutritional assessment and counsel. With her educational and experience foundation, she is able to assess and analyze an individual's nutritional and caloric requirements and provide them with a successful dietary program tailored to their needs and fitness goals. Through her employment at Smiley Fitness, Cheryl is allowed the pleasure of doing what she truly loves, helping people live fit and healthy lives.

+Krissy Simmons

A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Krissy studied International Business, German, and Business Management. Through her years of domestic and international travels, she has obtained an appreciation of all cultures and easily adapts to her surroundings. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, she has always enjoyed exercise and often inspired friends and family to join her and follow her lead. Right before marrying her husband, she hired a personal trainer to get her ready for the big day. That sealed the deal and her quest in switching careers was put into motion! She has finally settled in Winston Salem, NC with her husband and two adorable dogs. She is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise(ACE) and has the well-earned nickname of Princess of Pain.

+Jamie Gaspari

Jamie has a Master of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science from Wake Forest University and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has been working in the health and fitness industries for 7 years and as a personal trainer at Smiley Fitness by Design for over a year now. In addition to personal training Jamie has experience with coaching endurance athletes, maximal exercise testing, overseeing an exercise program for older individuals, as well as in corporate wellness.

Jamie believes that fitness training should be tailored to the unique needs, goals, and physical abilities of each individual. There is no one size fits all training program. Individual attention and a customized training program are essential to long term success.


Smiley Fitness is located in the heart of Buena Vista in the College Village neighborhood. Located directly beside Diamondback Grill, it is a very convenient location from a variety of directions in Winston-Salem.

Find Us
745 N. Avalon Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Phone: 336.725.1826
Email: info@smileyfitness.com

Monday-Friday: 6am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 1pm – 5pm


To put a price on your fitness experience is unfair. Odds are you have never been to a place like Smiley Fitness and it would be unfair to base your decision about your health club solely on price.

We would rather offer a FREE week to see for yourself the difference between Smiley Fitness and the Big Box gyms.

Please fill out the membership inquiry form below. We will contact you to confirm your FREE week.

Our Differences

  • No membership cards
  • No long-term contracts.
  • 3 orientation training sessions to give you expert guidance.
  • All trainers are nationally certified to ensure the highest quality training experience
  • All fitness areas are together. No need to go down the hall, up the stairs or anywhere else.  It's all right when you walk in..
  • Membership cap: We promise not to become an overcrowded-can't-get-on-anything club. That would compromise the philosophy of Smiley- Fitness